About Me

Born and raised in Hackney and Islington, Christopha is a Rapper, Writer, and Relentless Dreamer. Originally a grime MC in the early era of the genre, his sound continued to transform and so did his professional career.

Along that journey, he graduated from university with a first class degree, grew as a business leader in the tech industry, and received co-signs from legendary UK rappers like Ty (Rest in Power) and Skinnyman.

With musical inspirations from Kano to India.Arie, a unique journey, and a message that is rooted in empowerment, growth and love, Christopha brings something quite different to the table.

In 2020, he released the Hidden EP following a 6 year hiatus. The EP earned him recognition as a Future Name by BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts and Bucks.

Now, with his 26 Miles and Running project, Christopha is ready to build on this success and start his marathon by releasing a single every 2 weeks for the whole year. Follow Christopha on Spotify and like the playlist to keep updated with each new release.