BBC 1xtra Track of the Week

On January 11th, I recieved an email from the BBC to let me know that the last single from my 26 Miles and Running project, Back of the Bus, had been chosen as Track of the Week by the BBC 1xtra and BBC Introducting teams!!

What that means, is that my song would be featured on the BBC 1xtra playlist and played on daytime radio by several presenters! Amazing!

Getting a song on track of the week, was one of the items on my bucket list/goals for this year, but I did not expect it would happen so soon! Fantastic presenters such as Nick Bright, Fee Mak, Theo Johnson, Joelah Noble, Sian, Remi Burgz and Ace pressed play on the track!

26 Miles and Running has absolutely bypassed the expectations that I had for it. I did not expect any recognition at a national level and so many amazing things have happened off the back of it. Long may it continue!

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