New Logo

As part of the ongoing development and building of the Christopha Gordon brand, I am very excited to reveal my logo! 

Over the last few years I have undergone quite a lot of change when it comes to my artist name. Depending on when you joined the journey you might know me as Flash Gordon, Elijah Benoit or Christopha Gordon!

Flash Gordon is the artist name that I have had for the longest. I used that name for just over 10 years! Then there was Elijah Benoit, the name that the Graduate EP was released under and now I unashamedly go by my birth name, Christopha Gordon. Confusing right!!

What this logo does is help to address this confusion by providing a visual image to associate my name with. As the Christopha Gordon brand grows and grows, hopefully the association will solidify.

Big shouts out to Samara at Wear Your Heart Out for creating the logo.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

You can also check out my new social media banners on my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Christopha Gordon

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