Off My Mind Has Been Written About

So this week I released the first song from the “Birthed by Hip Hop” mixtape called “Off My Mind”!! I really appreciate the response to it so far. When others appreciate your art it really makes the grind all worth it. Off My Mind has also kindly been written about by Naye Fshr on his Music Journal website, which is much appreciated.

One of the things noted was that I am a newcomer. It’s funny, although deep inside I know that I am a newcomer, I sometimes forget how much of a newcomer I am.

Despite my music journey starting long ago. This is truly the beginning of building my music career and the “Christopha Gordon” brand. I really look forward to travelling on this journey with you all.

You can check out the post by Naye Fshr and listen to the new track here

Christopha Gordon


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