What happens when you squeeze an orange?

What happens when you squeeze an orange? It’s contents come out. Regardless of how you squeeze it, the content remains the same. The amount may change depending on the pressure, but the content does not change. For me, personal development is about improving the content or the ‘juice’ that can be found inside. It has often been said that money, power and fame reveal more of who a person is, so it’s not about waiting for more money or being in a higher position of power to make a change, it’s about starting now and developing your character.
This is not to say that our best efforts will be the same each day. There will be some days where we are tired or going through a difficult patch, there will be times when we make misjudgements, none of us are perfect. However, with each moment and challenge, there is an opportunity that provides us with an equivalent benefit. 

We all have a response ability. Many times our responses are habitual and so it is our responsibility to improve the contents and choose better habits. If the content remains the same, little will change.  

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