Why I changed my domain from .co.uk to .com

I have recently made the decision to change my domain extension from .co.uk to .com. This may seem like a menial change however, for me it is a statement of intent.

The statement is that as I move forward, my ambition is for my music and my brand to become global. While on my honeymoon last week I found myself reading Michael Phelps’ biography. One of the key things that I got from the book was the huge importance of setting your sights high and putting the strictest of systems in place in order to achieve it.

At times I can be very conservative with my goal setting. When I say conservative, I mean that occasionally the goals just a bit higher than my current rate of progression. The real trick is to set the goals high enough that they excite you, scare you, but don’t deflate you. We all have big dreams however, the actions and the routines in place need to match that larger ambition.

So although this is a small change, for me it is an action towards the larger vision.

Now back to focusing on the hustle….

Christopha Gordon

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