Relentless Supporter: Olu

My guy Olu. I can’t remember when I first shared my music with you and the gang, but ever since that day you have been a solid supporter. In fact, I think the support started back when I rapped to become DMU ACS Treasurer. “Vote me for treasurer, I’ll treasure ya”. Memories!

When I released the Graduate EP and performed at my live show, I had a pay what you want model. You were the biggest contributor at the show and that really meant a lot to me.

After that period I disappeared, reappeared, disappeared and reappeared again. On my return I put out a track called Cheat Codes. It was a song that I really enjoyed listening to, but I had no real audience to release it to.

At the time I had removed all remnants of my social media. I was no longer on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but still, I really wanted to put it out.

Moments after the upload, you sent me the following text:

Yooooo bro new track is fire my g!!!! Hope all is well

Smashed it

I was stunned and called you right after that text! A response via text was just not enough to show my appreciation. On that call you told me that you had also shared it with your friends! I was truly humbled and grateful.

Thank you so much for your continued support. At times I can question whether it is worth releasing any music, but genuine support like yours keeps me going.

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