Reread life changing books

“Repetition is the mother of skill.”

Someone I know once said that everyone has read Rich Dad Poor Dad, but they are still poor. It was an interesting statement and it was one that stuck with me. We often proudly state that we have read a book, but the real question is, have you learnt the key lessons?

I sometimes have discussions with people on topics that they have read about. But at times, when I make a suggestion from those books, they say “I know that already”. This is even when they are not using any of that “knowledge” at all!

There is a good reason for this, it is the difference between being aware of information and truly knowing it. When you truly know something, you do it.

You could describe it in this way, true knowledge is information plus action. This description is one of the reasons why I find it important to read/reread life changing books. I want to learn about that topic and implement it until it is second nature.

“Knowledge is only potential power”

In most cases, there is always more to learn. A master of tennis like Frederer still has more to learn despite his success. Therefore, he has to keep working on the fundamentals of the sport and improving his craft.

The same goes for reading a life changing book. It is often not enough to read it once, we have to review those fundamentals over and over again. With each review we can learn something new or reinforce the mindset/habit/skills that we want to develop.


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