Relentless Supporter: Shane

As a Pisces, it’s probably a given that you’re also a dreamer. Whenever we link up at family occasions, our conversations can go deeply into a philosophical topic or a passion project that we are working on.  It’s always great to have someone that you can talk to about the projects that hold your heart.

I appreciate the support that you give me across the board. Whether that is with my music, blogs, podcasts, videos or whatever scheme I’m dreaming up. In fact, you also featured in my only “official” music video, James, at a minutes notice, thank you!

There are times when I may release something with 0 responses or engagement. So the one comment on my website, Facebook or when we speak to each other, means a lot.

Pisces are sensitive about their s$#t (ask Erykah Badu). So when doubt creeps in and tiredness paints my world through dark tinted glasses, your comments and support provide a boost of energy that keeps me going.

Thank you.

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